Character Creation

The first step in playing Catreath is to create a character to play. In live action roleplay, unlike other roleplaying games, you are limited as to what you can play by your own physical attributes such as height, weight and physical ability. When designing a character players are advised to consider both what they are interested in playing and what they are able to physrep in terms of prosthetics and equipment.

In order to create a character, most players follow these steps:-

  1. Think of a concept
  2. Choose a race
  3. Choose a class
  4. Choose a religion (or choose to have none)
  5. Write a background
  6. Choose your starting equipment
  7. Choose your lifestyle
  8. Choose your perks


The initial, and most important, step in creating a character is to think of a concept. What sort of person do you want your character to be, and what aspects of the game are you interested in exploring?

Catreath is a game in which the players are intended to be the good guys. While there is room for exploring some more morally dubious aspects of this, we ask that no one deliberately play a character which will behave in an evil manner or upset the other players' enjoyment of the game.

When considering your character concept, it may be worth considering that you would like to get out of the game. Do you enjoy fighting, politics or solving puzzles? Are you happier as a noble or a serf? Do you want to be a character people like or would you rather stand alone?

Example Concept: Zanna the wizard has a taste for politics and a thirst for power. She is frustrated by her low social standing and is determined to use her magical powers to prove herself more worthy than the nobles she used to serve.