Character Creation Perks

Character creation perks are little extras advantages your can obtain for your character to make them a little different to their contemporise. All players have two points to buy perks, but extra points can be gained by creating a character whose quality is above and beyond the standard usually offered in the game. These perks are offered as an incentive to encourage players to put time and effort into their characters, enhancing the atmosphere of the game for everyone.

Points are awarded by a referee for quality of costume and quality of character background.


  • Standard costume - no points
  • Historically appropriate costume - 1 point
  • Historically appropriate costume including props or prosthetics which will enhance the game for other players - 2 points

Costumes will be considered for having an historically appropriate feel, specifically using natural fabrics and dye colours, using effective prosthetics or bringing to the game small props (such as coins, games, magical focuses) which will enhance the theatrics of the games for others.


  • No written background - no points
  • Written background submitted - 1 point
  • Written background submitted which adds to the game or will positively effect the game for other players - 2 points

Backgrounds will be considered on realism, historical setting and on how much they add to the game. A background with lots of loose ends is better than one in which everything is finished off!

The points you gain can be spent on the following perks. Other perks may be allowed, with a referee's permission.

Famous (1 point)

Your character is well-known and has a good reputation. Gain +1 to your reputation and +1 to your recognition scores.

Marian the priestess is famous. Around her home city, Novum Castellum, many people have heard of her name, and some even recognise her face. She is known to be a brave fighter and to help people in need. People trust her word.

Very Famous (3 points)

Your character is extremely well-known and has an excellent reputation. Gain +2 to your reputation and +2 to your recognition scores.

Sir Ulric is very famous. His name is known throughout the north of Catreath, and most people in Edwin's Fort recognise him on sight. He is known as a fearless warrior who never backs down and an honourable man. His word is not questioned. Bandits will flee rather than face him.

Notorious (1 point)

Your character is well-known and has a bad or dangerous reputation. Gain -1 to your reputation and +1 to your recognition scores.

Gregor the soldier is notorious. In Novum Castellum, where he is stationed, many stories are told about his gambling and womanising. Younger soldiers aspire to behaving as badly as he does. He is welcomed in illicit gambling circles, who have no fear that he will go to the watch.

Very Notorious (3 points)

Your character is very well-known and has an extremely bad or dangerous reputation. Gain -2 to your reputation and +2 to your recognition scores.

Aloran the wizard is very notorious. Children take detours to avoid his house. The people of Novum Castellum are afraid of his dark magics, but he is always treated well as people fear to do otherwise. Complains have been made to the watch about his behaviour, but they are too afraid to charge him with any crimes.

Unknown (1 point)

Your character is unheard of and unknown. Gain -1 to your recognition score.

Bridget the thief is unknown. She passes from town to town without being recognised and reported to the watch. She can easily pass herself off as a merchant one day, a farmer's wife the next.

Wealthy (1 point)

Your character has more available money than the average person of their station, through savings or a windfall. Start with an extra 2 gold pieces.

Bridget the thief is wealthy. She succeeded in stealing a noblewoman's jewels. With the profit, she buys a shortsword and starts looking for hire on Novum Castellum's Message Tree.

Very Wealthy (2 points)

Your character has much more available money than the average person of their station. Start with an extra 5 gold pieces.

Lord Davrim is very wealthy. With his title he inherited a large some of money and many possessions. He is well equipped to buy weapons, hire retainers, and live the high life.

Patron (2-4 points)

Your character has a powerful or influential person looking out for them. You can specify who this is (subject to agreement with a referee), or you can not, and the game coordinator will provide a patron who you do not know about (though you may find out about during the game). Below are examples of the cost for patrons of different rank:-

2 Point patron: a militia captain, a watchman, a priest, an unimportant noble.

3 Point patron: a judge, a watch captain, head of an unimportant noble family, member of a average noble family, head priest in a church.

4 Point patron: someone in the royal household, head of a noble family, commander of an army.

N.B. These patrons are considered to be above and beyond what your character class would normally entitle you to. This perk is not necessary for an apprentice wizard to have a master, or for a squire to have a knight, or for a noble's father to have an interest in them.

Marian the priestess has a 3 point patron. On her first trip out from Novum Castellum she rescued the daughter of Lord Davrim, and he has taken a interest in her ever since. He always asks for her by name when he is hiring a group, and pays her well. He will answer some of her questions about the politics of the nobility. When she was wrongly accused of a crime, he gave her a character witness.

Contacts (1-3 points)

Your character has a number of contacts in a specific place and field. These must be specified and are subject to agreement by a referee. These contacts have some interest in supplying you with information, trading with you, or something similar. Below are the points costs of different contacts:-

1 Point contacts: 1-3 unimportant contacts.
2 Point contacts: 1 reasonably important contact and 1 unimportant contact.
3 Point contacts: 1 important contact, or 1-3 reasonably important contacts.

Unimportant contacts are merchants, militiamen, watchmen, sailors and barkeeps.
Reasonably important contacts are judges, militia captains, watch captains, members of the guild council and servants of important nobles.
Important contacts are nobles, heads of guild councils, advisers to important nobles and commanders of armies.

N.B. These contacts are considered to be above and beyond what your character class would normally entitle you to. This perk is not necessary for watchmen to get information from colleagues or merchants to do trade with their families.

Secret (1-4 points)

If you do not wish to gain any of the other perks offered, you can put any number of points into having a secret. The game coordinator will write something positive or useful about your character that will appear during the game. This could be anything, from a special destiny or a family secret to a surprise heritage.

Sir Ulric has a secret. After many battles he discovers that the ring he was left by his father actually has magic powers that he can utilise in his battles against the clansmen of the north.