The Gods are an important part of life for the people of Catreath. The concept of atheism is not one that exists; whether or not an individual chooses to worship a specific God or Pantheon, there is little doubt that the Gods exist as priests regularly and visibly perform miracles in their name.

There are different Pantheons of Gods for different races. Following one Pantheon does not mean that it is wise to insult other Pantheons, after all Gods are Gods. It is not, however, unheard of for worshippers to fight or oppress each other.

For specifics on each faith, see Game World - Religion.

Lay followers

Lay followers make up the main body of a church. They are the common folk whose worship is fitted in besides their day to day work. Anyone may play a lay follower, regardless of class or rank. Lay followers follow the main tenant of their church, pay a tithe of 10% of their income to the church and are expected to wear a holy symbol (which they must pay for). In exchange an ability is granted by their God, in most cases the ability to ward away undead creatures.


Clerics are more dedicated followers of a God, such as a priest, a monk or a holy sister. Clerics dedicate their lives to serving their God, either by preaching to the masses or by serving privately, often within closed communities. Clerics must follow a number of sins set out by their God, and in some cases additional strictures dictated by their Order. They must wear a holy symbol (which they must pay for) and pay a tithe of 50% of their income to the church. In exchange many clerics can perform the miracles of their Gods in their name, and also in most cases ward away undead creatures.


Many races which Catreath follow different Pantheons, however a character's race does not dictate his faith or pantheon, and players are free to choose as they see fit, although consideration should be given within the character's background as to how they came to follow their faith.

The Old Faith

The Old Faith is the faith followed by the ancient clans before the Empire populated the lands that are now called Catreath. It is unlike other religions in that there are no lay followers. Druids are the clerics of this faith, but as there is no church to pay a tithe to they are expected to use 50% of their income within their worship.