Catreath is based in the North East of England. Founded in Newcastle-Upon Tyne, we run the majority of our events close to the city.


Dukes House Wood, about 1 mile south of Hexham, is our regular location for running Day Sites. Generally these events take place on Saturdays (though Sundays are not unheard-of). People will usually meet in the large lay-by, at the entrance to the woods at 10:30 am.

Another popular spot for running Daysites is Chopwell Woodland Park, a massive, mixed woodland just on the fringes of Gateshead. Peppered with trails and comprising various different terrains, Chopwell is the perfect site for LARP, which is probably why different groups have been using this site for well over 20years.

Night Adventures

Situated in the east end of Newcastle, Jesmond Dene is a public park that follows the Ouseburn valley to South Gosforth.

During the day it is a beautiful park with many pleasant walks, picnicking spots and even a petting zoo. At night you could be fooled into thinking you were in Middle Earth, a fact we have exploited for years to run some fantastic, atmospheric Night Adventures.

Kicking-off around 22:30 when the park is mostly deserted, the Dene is dark enough to be foreboding but light enough to mean you wont break your legs.

Weekend Events

Just off the A64 and only 3 miles from the centre of York you can find Murton Park, home of the Yorkshire Museum of Farming and, more important for us, the Danelaw Darkage Village. In September 2006, Catreath hired out the Darkage Village to run our first weekend event and it was a great success; we've been back every year since.

You could not ask for a better site for a darkages larp, the village is amazing and getting to spend such a long time in-character really adds to the roleplay experience.

The nearby woodland allows us to run some more conventional adventures before returning to the village to warm ourselves by the fire in the longhut and discuss the events of the day over an ale and some hearty broth.

Dukes House Wood

Chopwell Woodland Park

Jesmond Dene

Murton Park