The lands of Catreath are populated by many creatures. While humans are the most populace in the lowlands and the farming communities that make up most of the country, many other beasts lurk in the high mountains and deep forests.


While not technically another race, bandits are one of the constant dangers while travelling in the less populace areas of Catreath. Driven away from the cities by the Watch, the desperate and the poor may accost the rich with little warning in the hope of making a little money. Most are poorly equipped and poorly organised, but a few more organised bandit groups may be happened upon if you are unlucky.


Barrowights are the bodies of kings of long ago who cannot settle in their barrows and come forth to feast upon the living. They appear as silvery skeletons, often wearing the armour and bearing the weapons they had in life.


Deathmasks are rare undead who are rarely seen in their true form. Deathmasks take the form of those they kill, impersonating them well enough to fool their friends and family while they choose their new victim.


Creatures of the underworld, demons are the evil creatures of children's' nightmares. Thankfully rare, demons are the enemies of the Gods and of all peoples. Demons are described in different ways – some say they are red and horned, others that they bear the twisted faces of animals. Others speak of demons that can possess your soul or even take the shape of your loved ones. Only the foolhardy would wish to bargain with a demon.


Humanoids with the faces of dragon, the dragonkin were said the serve the dragons of old. Dragonkin are tribal, and come in different colours: Red, Blue, Green, Purple and White. They are sentient, often polite, but they are also secretive and their intentions not clearly known.


Drow, also known as dark elves, are malevolent creatures of caves and deep forests. Known for their skill with poison and their worship of the Goddess of Cruelty, Drow are tribal and bare no small amount of similarity to true elves, something most elves are reluctant to discuss.


Friendly, if somewhat shy, these tree spirits often appear as a young and beautiful man or woman. Unable to move far from their tree, dryads may help you if you ask for it, but they are also said to cast enchantments over those they meet.


The echoes of the past, ghosts are the spirits of the dead who cannot rest, for a task is left undone or a wrong unrighted. They are ethereal and cannot be harmed with weapons.


Ghouls are the stronger and tougher cousins of zombies. Quick moving and unable to be harmed with normal weapons, ghouls are able to retain more complex directions from their masters. Their thirsty for human flesh matches their other undead brothers.


While they are the smallest and weakest of the greenskins, goblins should still not be underestimated, for they are often also the most intelligent. Goblins are known to live together in family groups, favouring either deep woodland or underground caves. Like other greenskins, their taste for human flesh makes them an adversary not to trifle with.


The lords of the undead, liches are made when powerful necromancers sacrifice their own life to gain extraordinary powers.


Larger than goblins, orcs are the heavy fighters of the greenskin world. While not known for their intellect, orcs can manage to make a wield basic weapons and are tribe-dwellers, often working together to catch their prey. Orcs are most often found in the deep forests or high mountains of Catreath.


These large creatures are the rarest of the greenskins. Only slightly smaller than a troll, their size makes them a formidable enemy. Their horn is said to offer them protection from magic.


Creatures of the woodland, Pixies come in different colours. They are playful in their nature and also prone to theft, they have possession of minor magics which they use to help them in their cause. Pixies are said to steal babies if their window is left open at night.


These rat-headed creatures are known to dwell beneath the city of Novum Castellum and in other dark places also. A single ratman is little match for a trained warrior, but it is rare to find a single ratman, for they are numerous and attack only when they know they have the advantage.


Powerful undead warriors, revenants have no faces, only darkness where their face should be. They are often found guarding places of necromantic power.


Shades appear human, but for the dark stain on their forehead from the touch of a spectre. Shades may not truly be dead yet, but nor are the truly human. They move slowly and are without purpose unless compelled by more powerful undead. They kill indiscriminately where they are able.


Skeletons are the bones of the dead, animated with necromantic power. They are quicker and tougher than zombies, and cannot be destroyed with normal weapons.


Ethereal creatures, shades appear as veiled forms which cannot be struck with weapons. They float across the lands, attracted to the living who they feed from by touching their foreheads. Those the spectres have fed from become Shades.


Small spirits of the trees and woodland, these leafy creatures often use their minor powers to protect their forest home. Sprites can often speak, although they have little understanding of humans. In times of trouble the forest will often help these small spirits.

Tree Spirit

Creatures of the forest, these large spirits are feared as they are rumoured to carry off the unwary who are never seen again. Found near the oldest parts of the forest these spirits are often found in groups, but never speak.


The largest and most feared of the greenskins, trolls are large, strong, able to wield great weapons easily and their troll skin is tough to penetrate. Few warriors would attempt to face a troll alone.


Vampires survive by drinking the blood of the living. They survive the generations by disguising themselves as humans and passing unseen, their victims becoming vampires like them. Vampires cannot be harmed with normal weapons, and can only be truly destroyed by piercing their heart with an hawthorn stake. It is said that vampires can transform into some animals and into mist, but that silver causes them pain.


Part man and part wolf, werewolves are shapechangers and are most dangerous at the full moon. Beware their bite, lest they pass on their curse. It is said that silver will cause them pain.


Wraiths are more powerful undead creatures. Easily recognised as dark shapes with glowing red eyes, wraiths are sentient and able to speak, but ethereal and unable to be touched, they also possess considerable necromantic powers.


Zombies are the corpses of the dead which have been animated with necromantic power. Zombies are mindless but will do the bidding of their master, if they happen across the living they will feed on them and pass on their curse. While easy to fight, zombies always rise again unless their head is removed.