The Other Kingdoms

The Clan Lands

The Clans that live to the north of Catreath are fierce warriors and are feared greatly by the peoples of Catreath. Little is known about them, but every autumn, after the harvests are gathered, Clansmen flood over the border to raid; pillaging and burning all that is in their path. Most tribes are human, but feared above all these are the grim Dwarvish tribes, known to paint their faces blue and do terrible things to their captured enemies. None but a fool travels into the clan lands.


There was once a time when the kingdom of Rheged stretched across from the east to west coasts, but when the Men of the East arrived and formed the Kingdom of Bernicia, the borders of the heathen native peoples were pushed back. Seeing the overpowering force of the Bernician warriors, the Men of Rheged attacked to the south instead, taking large tracks of lands from their native neighbouring kingdom, Elmet. There is still war between Catreath and Rheged today, with both sides seeing a day that they control all the land in the region, though some trade still occurs across the border. Rheged is thought to be a barbaric place and those who have travelled in Rheged describe the worship of strange native gods, and stranger practices. The Kingdom is ruled by King Owain, called by his men 'The Chief of the Glittering West'. Owain came to the throne very young after King Ossa the Flamebearer of Catreath had his father King Urien assassinated, and it is said that King Owain has sworn revenge upon Catreath for the act.


The Kingdom of Elmet is a small place, indeed a man could walk across it in only a day. Centred around the city of Loidis (Leeds), Elmet is a native Kingdom predating the arrival of the Men of the East who formed the Kingdom of Catreath. When the Kingdom of Deira was formed the borders of Elmet were pushed back from the eastern coast, then the neighbouring native Kingdom of Rheged, displaced itself by the Kingdom of Bernicia, attacked from the north and took further land, leaving Elmet a small portion of land with no access to the sea. Elmet is said to be a poor, decaying kingdom, with little hope of surviving for long.


Little is known of this distant kingdom. It is said to be a forested place still dominated by the ancient tribes and their ancient ways.


To the south of Catreath, the Kingdom of Mercia is also one settled by a tribe from the east; as such it has more in common with Catreath than the heathen native peoples. The Kingdom of Mercia is known to be a wealthy and sophisticated place, and, having many years ago taken control of the native people, it knows little of the constant wars that afflict Catreath. Mercia is ruled by King Redwald, in who's court the young King Edwin took shelter when exiled from his home. It was King Redwald who gave troops to King Edwin to help retake his lands and Catreath remains in the debt of Mercia for this generous act.