The Knightly Orders

It is often thought that the Knights of Catreath are its bravest, most honest and upright citizens. These noblemen command power and respect, as do all the nobility, but they are known also to be more trustworthy than many of their rank. For this reason, a knight may enforce the law wherever he travels, and the word of a knight is trusted above any other. There are Knights of different Orders, and of none.

Knights of the Realm

This is not an Order of knights. The Knights of the Realm are all knights who are not part of the religious orders detailed below. Knights of the Realm gain their position by birth, or may have a knighthood award to them for brave deeds.

Knights of the Lion

The Knights of the Lion are a religious order dedicated to the defence of their king and country. Knights of the Lion follow Hadan, the God of Battle, and Liadrin, the Goddess of Justice. They are famed warriors, known to be stout of heart and strong of arm.

Templar Knights

Templar Knights are those who give themselves in service to a specific church or religious group, as protector. Every Templar will follow Liadrin, the Goddess of Justice, as well as the God or Goddess who they live to serve. Templars are known to be pious men, often given to vows of poverty or obedience to their masters.